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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

…it’s a new life, here at Russell Court Nursing Home! The immortal words of Nina Simone have never been more fitting at Russell Court; introducing new faces, welcoming back some old ones, and a whole new cast of characters filling the halls. A while has passed since the last blog post, and boy are we excited to catch you up on all the thrilling developments that have happened during that time.

First (Re)-Introductions

 The last time many of you would have met our new Home Manager she would have been in her role as Deputy Manager. In this role Amy demonstrated the ambition and qualities needed for home management, -her deputy role saw her undertake new roles and responsibilities throughout the home, such as refining medication order systems and implementing new care plan structure. These developments culminated in Amy earning a promotion to – Home Manager in late May and has been going from strength to strength since. Speaking to the new manager, she elaborated on her goals going forward; focusing on increased communication with relatives, raising staff morale, and committed herself to growing an overall sense of homeliness throughout the building. She can be quoted saying “whilst we work in a care home, it’s about making it into the resident’s real home”. 

 In her first few weeks the changes introduced by Amy have started to take root and have a positive effect in and around the home. A monthly newsletter is now being regularly published for residents and relatives alike, detailing the ongoings of the home and any exciting new events that are coming up. This has increased communication between the upper management team and relatives of our residents, hopefully leading to family and friends feeling -more included in the day to day lives of their loved ones. The theme of communication has been reoccurring in Amy’s goals, as she has also implemented a performance recognition programme. A simple idea in which staff members who go above and beyond, will receive recognition for their efforts and a hand-written letter from Amy. 

These improvements in the home are off set against a background of consistent advancement. Behind the scenes a new financial safeguarding scheme has been announced, allowing for a more efficient buying process whilst eliminating unnecessary expenditure. Russell Court also continues to tirelessly work to meet GDPR compliance regulations and inclusivity standards. This has been achieved via the installation of protection screens on monitors,  improved safeguarding of protected characteristics, and creating an overall atmosphere of acceptance and safety in the home. 

Rachel 2

 Now, long-time readers of ours will have noticed that as Amy has stepped into the Home Manager role, what does that mean for the previous head honcho? Fear not, Rachel is not going out, but rather up. In line with the increased development in the home, Andrew West has created an Associate Director position. The primary functions of this role will be overseeing the commercial demands of the home and developing new projects, all whilst providing expert support to the new management team. Mrs. Rachel Caveney was the manager at Russell Court for over a decade and consequently brings a wealth of experience to the position along with a RGN nursing qualification. The unique combination of a nursing background, managerial know-how, and a keen eye for development make her an invaluable member of the team, hopefully for years to come. 

However, Mrs Caveney is not the only Rachel making waves within Russell Court. A new clinical lead,  Rachel , has recently joined the team, brightening up the floor with a winning smile, medical expertise and people management skills. Rachel initially joined the team back in December 2021. By May Rachel has established herself as a leading member of the nursing team and put forward her case for being clinical lead, by consistently demonstrating her ability to organise staff to most effectively deliver a high standard of care. 

Some may claim fate is involved when looking at Rachel’s medical career which started over 13 years ago at the very place she now works, Russell Court. Initially joining in 2005 as a health care assistant, Rachel departed at the end of 2008 in order to progress her career and went on to gain her RGN qualification from Greenwich University. This was completed in 2013,-and meant that Rachel would spend seven years at two different establishment honing her skills as nurse, before ultimately returning to Russell Court and taking the position of Clinical Lead. All three of these women are exceptional nurses and are exemplars of staff standards, medical practice, and relative relationships. We hope that you feel at home at Russell Court as much possible and look forward to hearing any thoughts on how we are doing.

Any enquiries for the home can be directed to 01474 708151 or and the relevant parties will get back to you as soon as they can. 

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