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01. What type of care do you offer?
We offer high quality nursing care to the elderly and frail Inc. end of life care and those with complex nursing needs. We also offer dementia nursing care.
02. How will you help me settle in?
We encourage residents to bring in photographs and ornaments to make their room feel their own. Our staff will help settle and reassure each individual, and they will meet their ‘Named Nurse’ within the first few days of admission. All staff will be happy to answer any questions, contact relatives, or do anything to make admission easier – we understand that this is a big change in a person’s life.
03. How often are visits permitted?
In person visits for families and friends of our residents is currently restricted. We have an option of POD visits or essential in person visits. Our POD is our Perspex screening located in our quiet room. All visitors now need to complete an LFD test (rapid and we will supply) and present evidence of a negative result before entry. Essential visitors will also require a PCR test (sent off to a lab and we will supply) weekly. We will take your temperature and provide PPE, ask you some simple questions to check that you have no Covid symptoms and then welcome you in. We still advise that visitors only hand hold with their residents. We have a ‘protected mealtime’ policy in place, just to ensure that our residents are not disturbed whist eating. When we are open again we will offer the service of joining your resident for dinner, this can be arranged in advance for a small fee.
04. What funding methods are there?
There are three main funding methods:
1) Self-funding – this means that the resident is able to pay their fees themselves.
2)Continuing Healthcare funding – this is where the Health Authority pays a person’s fees following successful assessment by that team.
3)Local authority funding – this is where the local authority (for example Kent County Council) pays a person’s fees following a financial assessment.
05. Can I bring in my dog to visit?
Yes, we are happy for your dog to visit. Please ensure that he/she is on a lead at all times.

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